Los Angeles Movers Is So Famous, But Why?

of equipment that you Los Angeles Movers can use here we havecables you can even do cable kickbackson here because it has the little thingto tie around your ankle then it has anelliptical and two treadmills and likethe view for when you do cardio is sobeautiful it goes out to downtown.

And then you can come out hereI don’t know why but looking at palmtrees makes me so so happy and then ifyou look down here we have our poolthere’s a tanning area right here it’spretty big the water is super clean wealso have like a Sun Deck which I’m notreally sure how to describe it I guessyou can just come here and like tan andjust do work or whatever you want to dothat’s it I’ll do like a full apartmenttour.

once it’s like furnished and wehave things you know like settled in alittle bit more but I just want to giveyou guys like a sneak peek so we justgot back and we just changed intosomething a little nicer because we aremeeting Mercedes and her boyfriend Marcofor dinnerthey’re leaving back to Chicago soonwhich is so sad but I think we’re goingto a place called what is it calledTom’s urban come orbit I think yeah butI just got my first package to thisapartment from dobar donuts I don’t wantto show you guys my address.

But- the flavors over Hershey’s cookies andcream yep oh yay okay so there’s thatwhat up close Butterfingerthat’s gonna be there shaking in aCookie Monster thank you so much doughbread donuts this is our first firstpackage in the new apartment so I’m herewith Mercedes again and she gave me thecutest little package and I’m gonna missit so much that I was like so we’re likeshe’s gonna be going back to like minutes away from my old house inChicagookay she’s gonna come in visit meI make sure you guys check out retaillike over the net but without awkwardcome watch me you have seen my firstvlog most Awkward person ever badbut we’re gonna.

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