10 Tips to Make Moving with a Dog Easier

You are going to be very busy when moving to a new home – but you’ve got to make time for your dog! The move is also stressful for your dog, and your dog will need your comfort more than ever. Here are some useful tips to make moving with a dog easier for everyone.

1. Pack Slowly
Instead of doing a weekend marathon of packing in order to get it all done at once, start packing well in advance. Pack the items you don’t use often first, and then gradually work your way towards the items you use frequently. This will be a lot less stressful for your dog than having the entire house suddenly change.

2. Stick to the Same Schedule
If your dog usually goes for a walk at 2pm, then make sure he gets walked then – regardless of what is happening with the move. The same goes for feeding time, calm times, and other points on your doggie schedule.

3. Make a Vet Trip
You should take your dog to the vet for a checkup and any shots needed before you move. The last thing you want is to rush to a vet in your new home, or face problems because your dog isn’t up to date on shots.

4. Update Dog Tags
What if your dog gets lost during the move? Would the info on the dog tag still be valid? Get new dog tags made with your new contact info.

5. Make a Safe Room for Your Dog on Moving Day
Clean out one room of all boxes and designate this as a safe room for your dog on moving day. Put some food, water, toys, and a doggie bed in it. Tell the movers to keep the door closed!

6. Is the New Home Dog Proof?
Don’t let your dog off the leash yet until you’ve walked through the home and fenced yard together. Check to make sure everything is dog proof, such as that there aren’t any dangerous items which could be chewed on, or holes in the fence.

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