Tips for Getting Unpacked Quickly after a Move?

No matter how big your home is, it shouldn’t take more than 1-2 weeks to completely unpack everything. Yes, that is all it will take to unpack even the items from your garage and basement. Don’t believe it is possible? Just follow these simple tips which will help you get unpacked quickly after a moving.

How to unpack quickly after moving

Don’t Set Up the TV Yet
The TV shouldn’t be set up until you’ve gotten through with the most important rooms (bathrooms, kitchen, and bedrooms). Otherwise, you will be too tempted to sit around and watch TV instead of unpacking.

But Go Ahead and Set Up the Stereo
The TV is off limits, but go ahead and set up your stereo system so you can have some music. Play something upbeat to set the tone while you unpack.

Get a Babysitter
It is very difficult (not to mention stressful) to try to unpack while the little ones are pulling at your sleeves and asking a zillion questions. If possible, have a relative watch the kids so you can get some unpacking done. If that isn’t possible and you are married, have your spouse take the kids for a walk around the neighborhood so you can have some peace while unpacking. You two can take turns unpacking and watching the kids.

Know Which Rooms to Unpack First
This is the order you should unpack rooms in your house. Note that this is only possible if you were smart and packed by room and labeled all boxes.
• Bathroom
• Furniture
• Beds
• Kitchen
• Bedrooms
• Living room
• Office
• All other rooms

Don’t Worrying about Decorating
Whenever you unpack a knick-knack, just put it on the first available space you see. Likewise, when you unpack pictures and other wall décor, don’t spend hours deciding where to hang them. Just prop them on the floor near where you think you’d like them to go. After all the boxes are unpacked, you can have fun decorating. If you try to decorate before all the big items are up, you will just end up moving things around anyway.

Finish a Box before Opening Another
The last thing you want is to be sitting amongst a pile of half-unpacked boxes! Make a rule and stick to it that you won’t open another box until you’ve finished unpacking the current one. If you aren’t sure where to put something in a box, just put it anywhere for now. You can always go back and move it later.

It is Okay to Eat Takeout for 3 Days Straight
Just because you got the kitchen set up, it doesn’t mean that you’ve got to cook yet! This will just add to your list of things to do and cleanup. Instead, carefully scout out the available takeout options and buy some simple foods like cereal for breakfast and granola bars for snacks.

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